An inhouse project of Studio Carbon currently at its prototyping phase, Gaia is an Indoor gardening unit with a systemic design philosophy.

Systemic Outlook

The indoor gardens and greenhouse are in trend today, but they are missing an essential point: what purpose does the greenhouse fulfill?

Backing on our knowledge from the system's analysis we did on Water dialogues, we realized that the significant part of the water is wasted in the form of "virtual water". Our product aims to tackle and reduce the virtual water wastage by intertwining in strategic touch-points of the user's journey.

Conducive to life

The product is developed such that it promotes and sustains the growth of micro-greens in all stages: germination to harvesting.

The form is derived keeping the current and future trends in mind such that product stand the test of time. The interactions provide users with a sensation that they are fostering a new life and in turn, equipping themselves with positive psychological reinforcement.