A platform that provides a pioneering data driven decision assist for University program selection, GradRight was started with a vision to humanize the process of educational consultation. As part of this project, we developed the user flow and interface for the web platform of GradRight. We also worked on the brand identity and logo of the client.

the human touch

GradRight had long used analog techniques to help students chose the college of their dreams. This process involved human interactions. With this project, GradRight was now transitioning to the digital space.

During the selection process, students associated anxiety and fear with choosing a college that matched their expectations. To make them feel at ease, The entire user experience of the website was designed with empathy for the students reflecting in the design choice of colors and a conversational way of interaction.

the questionnaire

In order to assist students in selecting the perfect university, the web platform had a set questionnaire they had to fill. We redesigned the entire flow and visualization of the questions, making it visually appealing as well as easy to understand.

the decision making

The decision-making process was designed to equally engage the rational and emotive side to encourage a holistic decision by the student.

Complex data was distilled into visualizations making quick analysis between different choices possible. Data shapes generated using student responses were specifically designed as subconscious aids for decision making.

the outcome

The end goal is to compile a report that consists of all the choices from Grad, the AI as well as the  preferences of the student. The report displays the M-A-C scores (Match to Expectation, Admission Chance and Cost to attendance) of each college and also monetary details such as student loan amount required and value for money. 

A unique feature here is the student’s preferences, quantified as bubbles. The report uses UI tools to make it is easy to get any necessary piece of information in a quick glance.

the brand identity

The logo is a representation of the multifaceted way that GradRight functions, able to provide different approaches to provide for the user needs. It can be interpreted as two intersecting planes, where the blue plane represents a technical, data driven perspective and the orange plane represents a human touch. It also constitutes the comparison signs ‘< >’.

The complimentary colors were chosen with the friendly nature of the platform in mind. The brand has a tetris pattern, which stands for building blocks of a students future.

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