Mesh WiFi
Designing a contemporary Mesh Wi-Fi solution for the modern consumer. This project for Quantum Networks takes a contrasting path, to repurpose the already state of the art Wi-Fi system with passive functions and hence making way for unique state of the art features.

Redefining standards

The Mesh Wi-Fi System By Quantum Networks Is aimed at replacing a traditional router system for a more seamless and reliable Wi-Fi coverage. The multiple point configuration in a Mesh-WiFi system allows for extended coverage by having small units that could wirelessly communicate with one another. Each point in a mesh Wi-Fi system acts as a broadcast source and hence ensures strong signal and performance.

Designed to stand out

The meticulous detailing and one of a kind styling makes it a unique product offering in contrast to the competition. The minimal yet sculpted surfaces make for a clean aesthetic. The integrated ambient solution is first of its kind in this segment, transforming a utilitarian product into a coveted  Interior and Lifestyle product.

The form was designed to reflect the underlying technology driving the product. The product was designed with a core intention to stand out from the competition. The mood lights at the base set an ambience around the product to go with the interiors of the modern home also differentiating it from its competitors such as Google Home mesh. The unique form make the product an object of sculpture.

Ambient Mood lighting

The Integrated lightings at the base allow for ambient mood lightings in preference to the user, controlled via their smartphone app. The three LED strips at the base allow for multiple combination of colors. This feature would be a first in its class, allowing for a product which mostly remains dormant throughout its use cycle, to be a part of the user's interior deco space as well as actively engaging the user at times.

Designed in and out

The Interior PCB architecture and heat sink were designed in order to compliment the exterior styling, allowing for an integrated and compact fit, while also maintaining its functionality. The LED placements were chosen after meticulous adjustments for the best possible light diffusion.