Modroof is set to become the first Indian company providing best-in-class modular roofing technology. It aims to have a worldwide presence and bring a high quality, beautiful and easy to install roofing system for your home, school and business place.

About the Client

Mr. Hasit Gantra, having a vision of providing India a healthy roofing environment. Mr. Hasit figured out the problem of poor roofing in rural India which is compromising quality of life or millions of people. With this vision, Studio Carbon and Modroof weaved the brand which stands for the people, by the people, powered by people and Modroof.

Logo Tale

A brand that build trust, has to represent itself the way people could connect to it’s very nostalgia. The logo name ‘modroof’ with small ‘m’ represents humbleness to the customers. modroof isn’t a brand to dominate the market but to serve it’s customers. The vey vision of modroof stands towards the support brought by the users.

Modroof logo image, a kite in the sky represents celebration, as flying kite is symbolic to gathering and people coming together, where children and elders play together and fly kite, inspired from a very zealous festival ‘Uttarayan’ and four lines are direct representation of rails of modroof ceiling installed.

Together it indicates the product and the vision together a circle that denotes as spotlight, representing focus towards it.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is very central to Modroof as a company. Modroof views a good customer experience as a fundamental part of the service it provides to its customers.To serve the customers in their best interests, whatever that may entail, is the primary objective to Modroof.

Modroof wants its customer to become an active agent in its vision of nation building. To make this happen it wants its customers to feel a part of the movement of having the best infrastructure for all.

Construction Manual

The modular aspect of modroof enables it to be shipped and installed anywhere in the world. For easy installation of the Modroof by any locar construction workers, we designed an easy to understand construction manual. It is very visual, with minimalistic illustrations, so that anybody can construct it.