outdoor access point
Designing the next generation of WiFi routers to realise the Digital India Dream for the rural population of India

A form so unique

The idea of high speed internet for Rural India and its impact on the future of its development had profound influence on the form development.

Speed, dynamic, rugged and futuristic are the key elements that form the design philosophy of the product, that seamlessly translate into the form aesthetics.

Product highlights

IP65 enclosure
The Access Point casing was designed to be exposed and resistant to natural elements such as dust and water, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Status LEDs
The LEDs help during the installation phase to communicate the status of the router to the installer.

The Kensington lock integration allows for secure installations outdoors.

Bracket holder
The Bracket holder has been designed to compliment the overall aesthetics and also houses the Kensington lock.

Bracket design

The bracket design was done to be mounted at several angles and adjustment levels.

The bracket is bent and made from a single cut piece of Sheetmetal and allows for a total of 60 degree travel, 30 degree travel on either side from the neutral position.