Tapping into the consumer psyche to build a unique brand value system and an exclusive brand identity. This project involved giving a new life to an old product, and bringing it at par with the current market needs.

Brand Revival

Rohan's Special Rosewater is a company based out of Mumbai. It died out 20 years back, now it is in the state of the revival plan, where the owners of the company wanted to make it contextual to the current setting. They tried certain samples, by using off-the-shelf bottles and started making production. But, the market penetration was not looking easy as many other brands were selling in the same space. To enter this saturated space, they need to be unique in the approach they take, so, they approached Studio Carbon to design the penetration strategy, look and feel of the product and the overall Branding.

Sacred Logo

Since our brand identifiers are embedded in premium-ness, universality and nature; the logo has been designed using minimal basic forms and fundamentals of geometry.

The Wordmark of the Native is developed from the basic shapes of triangles and lines. The geometric nature of the font is also in coherence with the theme of Sacred geometry followed by the brand. The shapes of a triangle and a line are also an abstraction of the binary coding of 0 &1, which represents the dual nature of rose where it soothing and energizing at the same time.


Just like all things in nature, the structure and design of a rose is embedded in sacred geometry. Its fundamental shape is the pentagon.

The bud and petals of a rose are placed in pentagons that repeat themselves as the flower grows, forming the golden spirals of sacred geometry.

The logo visual has been designed to abstract this structural nature of rose, keeping the flower’s essence intact. It is formed by pentagons, places concentrically.

Dual Palette

The warmth of rose quartz and the tranquil pale blue of serenity work beautifully together — both are the colors you can see blending into each other as dawn begins to break over the horizon on a clear morning sky.

The Pantone Color Institute’s colors of the year choices are based on its study of consumer moods and interests. Pantone says rose quartz and serenity respond to consumers seeking mindfulness and connection as an antidote to the stresses of modern life.

This color palette also successfully communicates how the product is for men and women alike.


The brush stroke is also one of the key identifiers of the Native brand. It has been designed to be a visual metaphor to the feeling of flow and handmade authenticity that comes from using rose products.

This specific design of the brush stroke along with the recommended color gradient is a trademark of Native’s brand.

Living Tag

The tag for the pouch is printed on seed paper, giving the customers an opportunity to use it to create a new life.

The message on the tag is of adding goodness to the world like rose does. The tag offers people to connect with the qualities of rose, and pick a tag with a quality that they relate to the most.

There are a total of 5 different qualities that customers can pick from, thereby giving them a chance to personalize their rosewater.


We want to make the experience of buying Native's rosewater as authentic and as nonindustrial as possible. Thus we decided not to package the Native’s rosewater bottle in a cardboard box. Instead it is packaged in a pure cotton cloth pouch that has is stitched by hand.

The pouch not only gives the feeling of handcrafted-ness, but also offers to be useful to the customer after the purchase of rose water. It has a meaningful life of its own and adds value to the user.


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